10/27/2009 10:31 AM

The Friends of the Library foundation is a support organization that aid the library with variety of  needs Since 1988.
The Friends of the Library invite you to join in our fundraisers that provide the library with extra gifts. Contact the library for more details.
The “Friends” meet The second Tuesday of March, August, and November at 6:45 p.m.
The Friends of the Library Foundation sponsor:
      •   Sweet 16 Contest
        • Spring Tea
        • Spring Plant Sale
        • Bake Sale
These are our annual fund-raisers that support our efforts in keeping the Library effective in serving its patrons.  Thank you for choosing to take part in this worthwhile organization.
Your support at the meetings or at fund-raisers are always appreciated!!!



 Friends of the Library Foundation Membership Form

Sweet 16 2020 Invitation

Sweet 16 2020 Biography Form

Sweet 16 2020 Rules and Guidelines


The Friends of the Library Foundation sell Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton’s book, prints, and note cards while supplies last.




Through the Looking Glass-Book





Mona Lisa-Print

Morning Glories-Print




Kansas Birthday-Print





All Glory Comes From Daring to Begin-Print


I’m Into Art-Print


Raggedy Ann And Andy on the Shelf-Print

Note cards=$2.00

Forget-Me-Nots–note card


Violets in Winter-note card


Self Portrait-Peonies–Note card

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